Pretty on Purpose

05 Dec 2017

A picture can tell a thousand words, but it can also say sweet f*%* all.

It only tells a thousand words if it conveys something MEANINGFUL.

Visuals are incredibly powerful; I make my living translating things visually. But we are living in a world of visual saturation overload. There are pretty pictures everywhere we look; but a decline in context and quality content.

You no longer need a designer to create pretty pictures. With free and easy to use programs like Canva, and the ever growing array of insta filters, pretty is now the status quo!

But, visual communication and design is NOT about pretty pictures; it’s about creating, and magnifying, emotional resonance with a powerful narrative.

Create pretty WITH PURPOSE and your content will cut through.

"Cognitive science tells us that we process 90% of information visually. On top of this, we process visuals 60,000 times faster than we process text."


Jen El-Chah

Brand lover extraordinaire, tango dancer, consumer of (ample) fine wines; the creative heart of the Loved.Locked.Loaded. team.

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